Technical Consultancy

BIOAL offers technical consultancy in biotechnology and participates as a collaborator and/or a strategic partner in research projects on genomics, biotechnology and biological engineering. We operate under a supportive teamwork culture to solve problems with technology.


Plant tissue culture methods and infrastructure

We offer consultancy to set up plant tissue culture laboratories. This includes deployment of proper infrastructure, equipment and procedures. We also help devise culture media formulations and testing schemes for different plant species.

Plant tissue culture is an important tool for the preservation and maintenance of germplasm, and for the rapid propagation of agriculturally relevant plant material. Tissue culture techniques can also be used to clean plant material from virus and bacteria and for genetic engineering approaches in crop improvement.

Molecular biology laboratories

We offer consultancy for the implementation of molecular biology laboratories. This includes devising proper infrastructure, equipment and safety guidelines.

​Out personnel has experience setting up laboratories and procedures that comply with ISO regulations and international safety standards.

Biofuels and biomass analysis 

We offer consultancy for projects directed to using plant biomass for biofuel or improved fodder production. This includes defining suitable biomass pretreatment alternatives, perform compositional analysis of feedstock, device saccharification and fermentation processes and do mass balance calculations.​

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