Food Safety

    The presence of pathogenic microorganisms such as bacteria in food samples can be assessed using molecular methods based on the detection of DNA. These methods are faster than the identification by traditional microbiological analysis. At BIOAL SAC we use BAX® technology from DuPont for a faster and more reliable quality control of food products. In addition, we have reverse transcription (RT) PCR methods for the analysis of food-borne virus such as Hepatitis A and Norovirus.


    Pathogen detection using the DuPont Qualicon Bax® System

    DuPont Senior Research Fellow John Steichen discusses the DuPont Qualicon award-winning BAX® System for pathogen detection in food.

    Implementing innovative and efficient technologies aids the quality assurance system of the company. PCR-based methods have shown sensitivity and exclusiveness compared to other laboratory methods used to detect pathogens of public health concern.

    The BAX system offers significant advantages over other PCR-based methods, favoring pathogen detection and facilitating the presentation of results.

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    Microbiological Testing using BAX®

    Available methods are AOAC & AFNOR certified.

    PCR Standard Assays (SYBR® Green)

    • Salmonella spp.

    • Genus Listeria (Std.and 24E).

    • Listeria monocytogenes (Std. and 24E).

    • E. coli O157:H7 MP (multiplex).

    • Yeast and Fungi.

    Real-Time PCR (Taqman®)

    • Real-Time Staphylococcus aureus.

    • Real-Time Campylobacter jejuni/coli/lari.

    • Real-Time Vibrio cholerae/parahaemolyticus/vulnificus.

    Virus detection in Food

    Available methods are based on the ISO/TS 15216-2:2013 standard.

    • Detection of Hepatitis A virus (HAV) by RT-PCR. 

    • Detection of Norovirus (NoV) by RT-PCR.

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