Our Company


BIOAL S.A.C. is a Peruvian company that provides biotechnological services to the agricultural, industry, food, fisheries and environmental sectors. We currently have the Biomolecular Analysis Laboratory where we perform DNA and protein based testing. Our services include GMO testing, food safety assessment, species identification by barcode analisys, crop varietal identification using molecular markers, traceability of biological resources, among others. In addition, we collaborate with public and private institutions for the development of scientific research in biotechnology, genomics and biological engineering.


The Biomolecular Analysis Laboratory was created in November 2012 as an initiative of Global Alimentos SAC with support from the 'Research and Development Fund for Competitiveness - FIDECOM'.  The Laboratory started doing GMO testing in yellow corn, both as a raw material and derived products. In July 2013, having implemented several methods for food analysis, the company Biotecnología de Alimentos SAC, also registered as BIOAL SAC, was created. It is then that BIOAL SAC becomes independent from Global Alimentos' administration and begins to offer GMO testing services to the general public. Growing initiatives in R&D let BIOAL expand its analytical capabilities, specializing in genetic analysis for quality control, genetic identity and authenticity of products to serve the agricultural, industry, food, fisheries and environmental sectors.

Our Mission​

Provide high quality services for the agricultural, food, fisheries and environmental industries in their quality control and inspection efforts. Become an strategic partner for public and private institutions to develop research in biotechnology, genomics and biological engineering.


Our Vision

Become a leading laboratory for technological innovation in biotechnology, genetics and biological engineering, and a needed partner for the bio-based industry at a national and regional levels.

Monica Santa-Maria, PhD.

Technical Director

BSc Degree in BIOLOGY / BIOTECHNOLOGY from La Molina National Agrarian University (Lima, Peru). Performed thesis research at the Applied Biotechnology Laboratories, Genetic Resources Department, CGIAR International Potato Center (Lima, Peru). FULBRIGHT Scholar. PhD from North Carolina State University (NC, USA) in plant biotechnology.  Her doctoral research was focused on biochemical analysis of hiperthermophilic amylolitic enzymes and genetic engineering in sweet potato for starch self processing at high temperatures. Worked on a technology transfer project at  BAYER CROP-SCIENCE CO. (Lyon, France). Performed post-doctoral research at the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of California, Davis (CA, USA).  Post-doctoral research was focused on the enzymatic deconstruction of biomass at the molecular and process levels. Visiting Professor at the School for Postgraduate Studies in Biological Engineering, La Molina National Agrarian University. Since March 2013, co-founder and technical director of BIOAL S.A.C.

Endrina Farfán

Sales Manager

BS and Production Engineer from Simon Bolivar University (Caracas, Venezuela). Over 12 years experience working in the market research industry. Has worked in major corporations such as Nielsen, Sony Pictures Entertainment and Kantar Worldpanel. Endrina has joined our team since April 2018.

Angel Zhang Xu

Laboratory Head and Chief of Research & Development

BSc Degree in BIOLOGY / BIOTECHNOLOGY from La Molina National Agrarian University (Lima, Peru). Performed an internship and thesis research at the Mycology and Biotechnology Laboratory, La Molina National Agrarian University consisting on mutagenesis of cellulolytic fungi. MSc in Biotechnology at the University of Helsinki,. Performed an internship as a collaborator in a cyanobacterial bioprospecting project in order to identify bioactive compounds. Master's thesis work consisted on cloning and recombinant expression of hemicellulases using Pichia pastoris.  Finland. Joined BIOAL S.A.C. in April 2017.

Karin Vega Rivera

Quality Assurance System Head

BSc Degree in BIOLOGY from La Molina National Agrarian University (Lima, Peru). Thesis research at the Mycology and Biotechnology Laboratory, La Molina National Agrarian University. Thesis research was focused on 'bioprospecting native alkaline cellulase enzymes for the textile industry' and 'assessing biodegradation processes of textile dyes using fungal biofilms'. Specialization studies in Quality Assurance Systems ISO 9001, ISO 17025 at the National Agrarian University. Joined BIOAL SAC in July 2016.

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